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Editor UI#

The Editor UI is the web interface used to create workflows. It is accessed through a web browser at a designated website address.


From the Editor UI, you can access all your workflows and credentials, as well as the Workflow² documentation and forum.

The Editor UI sidebar menu contains the following sections and operations.


This section includes the operations for creating and editing workflows.

  • New: Create a new workflow
  • Open: Open the list of saved workflows
  • Save: Save changes to the current workflow
  • Duplicate: Duplicate the current workflow
  • Delete: Delete the current workflow
  • Download: Download the current workflow as a JSON file
  • Import from URL: Import a workflow from a URL
  • Import from File: Import a workflow from a local file
  • Settings: View and change the settings of the current workflow


This section includes the operations for creating credentials.

Credentials are private pieces of information issued by apps/services to authenticate you as a user and allow you to connect and share information between the app/service and the Doc² node.

  • New: Create new credentials
  • Open: Open the list of saved credentials


This section includes information about your workflow executions, each completed run of a workflow.

You can enabling logging of your failed, successful, and/or manually selected workflows using the Workflow > Settings page.


This section includes resources for using Workflow² and interacting with the community.

  • Documentation: Open the [Workflow² documentation page] (/workflow/)
  • Forum: Open the Workflow² community forum
  • Workflows: Open the Workflow² public workflows page
  • About WF²: View information about Workflow² (version, source code, license)