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6. Notifying the Team#

In this step of the workflow you will learn how to send messages to a Discord channel using the Discord node.

Now that you have a calculated summary of the booked orders, you need to notify Nathan's team in their Discord channel. For this workflow, you will send messages to the WF² server on Discord.

Communication nodes

You can replace the Discord node with another communication app. For example, WF² also has nodes for Slack and Mattermost.

In your workflow, add a Discord node connected to the Function node. In the Discord node window, configure the parameters:

  • Webhook URL: Enter the URL that you received in the email from WF² when you signed up for this course.
  • Text (Expression): This week we have {{$json["totalBooked"]}} booked orders with a total value of {{$json["bookedSum"]}}. My Unique ID: {{$node["HTTP Request"].parameter["headerParametersUi"]["parameter"][0]["value"]}}
Discord node expression
Discord node expression

Now execute the Discord node. If all works well, your message should appear in the Discord channel #course-level-1.

Discord message
Discord message

What's next?#

Nathan 🙋: Incredible, you've saved me so many hours of tedious work already! Now I can simply execute this workflow when I need it. I just need to remember to run it every Monday morning at 9 am...

You 👩‍🔧: Don't worry about that, you can actually schedule the workflow to run on a specific day, time, or interval. I'll set this up in the next step.