Getting Started

Welcome to TE² Plugin for Ephesoft Transact!

The TE² Plugin is a cloud-based repository solution for Ephesoft Transact software which is focused on extracting the line items in a table, autonomously and automatically.

Through the cloud-based Polydocs GmbH Table Extraction Repository, you access a pool of rules from all users of the plugin.

KV Repository

This solution works is by analyzing two factors. The first one, is the detection of the location of the table in the document (1). Second is to map the results/data with the standard schema in order to be properly extracted to the ERP system (2).

It is important that the column caption is recognized and can be assigned to the correct values. The “accuracy” becomes higher, the more synonyms are assigned to a column caption.

(1) The recognition function detects where the table starts and ends. The mapping of the data can be conducted across all tables.


(2) The standard schema for mapping columns is configured by PolyDocs GmbH i. Gr. That means that standard columns like position, description, amount, etc. are included in this mapping file:

  • Position
  • Item number
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit price
  • Total amount