Ephesoft External Application

Upload your document in Ephesoft

as soon as the document is Ready For Validation open the Batch Id

in the next step, select More from the upper green boxes, then External Application and finally DOC²

A popup window opens with DOC² and your document from the Batch Id.

If you have reached this point, you can continue with the detailed description (with videos) here (starting from point 6.)

Or you can take the shortcut with the instructions here:

Press Autodetect Tables.

If no table is found choose the Edit icon

Select the table

Click on Add Column

Map the columns accordingly and click on Save Changes button

The extracted data with the table Headers and data will be shown in the section on the right.

Select the correct name of the columns so that the exclamation marks disappear and press the Save button.

We can achieve extraction of Table data in this way easily.

When you go back to Ephesoft and open the table, you will see the edited table as follows: