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The first user of DOC² is the default organization admin.


Organisation admins are able to access the settings in DOC². They are allowed to configure:

  • Document types
  • General settings
  • OCR settings
  • Company information
  • Modules
  • Users
  • Groups & roles
  • Import methods
  • Export settings
  • Filter regexes
  • Master Data Validation
  • SSO settings

User management#

Admins can add new users to the organization.
They can also grant a user admin privileges, there is no limit on how many users are allowed to be admins.
Every admin can revoke a user's admin rights.


What is a Group?#

A group is a set of users that can be granted specific permissions for one or multiple document types.
The groups can be created, changed and deleted by the organization admins. Every organization admin has the rights to do this.
If no group is configured all privileges are granted to the users within the organization.

Groups and Privileges management#

Groups are managed in DOC² under SETTINGS -> Groups & Roles

DOC² group user mangement#

The Organization admin can add users to the groups. doc2 group user mangement

DOC² group permission mangement#

The organization admin can set the group permissions. doc2 group permission mangement

Group permissions#

When creating a group, you can specify what privileges the users have for each document type.

The different types of Privileges are:

  • View
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Approve
  • Second approval


If a user doesn't have the view permission, the document type will not be shown to him on the dashboard.


Exporting documents is only possible if the user has the update permission.


Permission to delete documents.


Permission to approve documents.

Second Approval#

Permission to grant the second approval, if configured.