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Getting Started#

Welcome to KV² Plugin for Ephesoft Transact!

The KV² Plugin solution is a cloud-based repository which grants the customer access to a pool of extraction rules for the header and footer fields of a document, in particular, invoices. The system is able to learn new extraction rules every time a document is uploaded, validated and exported in Ephesoft Transact.

Once installed, the solution can be used and trained from day one, with no need to configure the batch class for extraction rules.

The main source of input, in order to fill the KV2 repository with extraction rules, is the usage of the plugin by the users, incl. the updates conducted by Polydocs GmbH. This means that every time a business trains the IDM Capture -Ephesoft software with a new extraction rule, this rule will be made available for all users of the KV² Plugin.

KV Repository

Which Data do we check and extract?#

The default version of KV² Plugin identifies and extracts following 10 header and footer fields: (NOTE: adding / removing fields can be done via enhancement request)

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Delivery date
  • Order number
  • Terms of payment
  • Net amount
  • Value added tax
  • Gross amount
  • IBAN
  • VAT number