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Containers are used to group widgets together. You can move the desired number of widgets inside a container to organize your app better.

Insight² - Widget Reference - Code editor


Insight² - Widget Reference - Container

Layout description
Show on desktop This property have toggle switch. If enabled, the Container widget will display in the desktop view else it will not appear. This is enabled by default.
Show on mobile This property have toggle switch. If enabled, the Container wisget will display in the mobile view else it will not appear.


Insight² - Widget Reference - Container

Style Description
backgroundColor You can change the background color of the Container by entering the Hex color code or choosing a color of your choice from the color picker.
Border radius Use this property to modify the border radius of the container. The field expects only numerical value from 1 to 100, default is 0.
Visibility This is to control the visibility of the widget. If {{false}} the widget will not visible after the app is deployed. It can only have boolean values i.e. either {{true}} or {{false}}. By default, it's set to {{true}}.
Disable This property only accepts boolean values. If set to {{true}}, the widget will be locked and becomes non-functional. By default, its value is set to {{false}}.

:::info Any property having Fx button next to its field can be programmatically configured. :::