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Insight² can trigger WF² workflows using webhook URLs. Please refer this to know more about WF².


Go to the data source manager on the left sidebar and click on + button to add new data source. Select WF² from the list of available data sources in the modal that pops-up.

WF² webhooks can be called with or without an Authentication. You can keep the Authentication type as none if your webhook didn't have one or if it has one then you can choose the one from the dropdown and provide credentials:

Authentication Types#

  • Basic Auth: To connect your WF² webhooks using basic auth you'll need to provide the following credentials:
    • Username
    • Password

Insight² - Data source - WF²

  • Header Auth: To connect your WF² webhooks using header auth the following fields are required:
    • Name / Key
    • Value

Insight² - Data source - WF²

Webhook credentials and instance credentials are different. Please use the credentials that you use with the webhook trigger. Know more: Webhook Authentication.

Trigger Workflow#

Click on + button of the query manager at the bottom panel of the editor and the select WF² as the datasource.

You can trigger a workflow with GET/POST URL. Choose the request type from the Methods dropdown and then provide the required fields: - URL parameters (Support for GET & POST) Optional - Body (Only for POST URL) Required

Insight² - Data source - WF²