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Insight² can connect to your Mailgun account to send emails.

The Mailgun API Datasource supports for interaction with the mail endpoint of the Mailgun API.


To add a new Mailgun API datasource, click on the Add or edit datasources icon on the left sidebar of the app editor and click on + add data source button. Select Mailgun from the modul that pops up.

TIP: Mailgun API key is required to create an Mailgun datasource on Insight. You can generate API key by visiting Mailgun account page.

Enter your Mailgun API key in the Api key field.

Insight² - Data source - Mailgun

Click on the Save button to save the data source.

Supported operations#

  1. Email service

Email service#

Required parameters:

  • Send email to
  • Send email from
  • Subject
  • Body as text

Optional parameters:

  • Body as HTML

Send mail to - accepts a single email id. For example: {{""}}.

Send mail from - accepts a string. For example:

Send a single email to multiple recipients
The Send mail to field can contain an array of recipients, which will send a single email with all of the recipients in the field.

Send multiple individual emails to multiple recipients
Set Multiple recipients field to {{true}} and the Send mail to field will be split into multiple emails and send to each recipient.

NOTE: Query should be saved before running.