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How to import documents from DOC²#

To import documents from DOC² you need to add the desired document type and create a workflow for it first.#

Go to System - Setup - Workflows

and klick on Document types

In the next step you need to create the desired and thus new document type

if you want to process e.g. received invoices add document type invoice received

and click on Save

You will receive a corresponding popup message as soon as the new document type has been successfully created.

Your dashboard will remain empty until the first documents have been exported from DOC² and imported into FLOW².

All steps for importing from DOC² can be found here.

After successful import you will see the documents on your dashboard under recently created.

Clicking View details opens a preview of the imported documents including the date of processing.

If you click directly on the document name on the dashboard you will get the following view:

If you open a document this way it will show up on dashboard unter recently accessed.