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Import ZUGFeRD to DOC²#

Export ZUGFeRD to IDM#

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Set up the necessary export settings as follows#

Navigate to SETTINGS above the dashboard:

DOC2 Workflow

Navigate to the Export menu item in the settings:

You need to create a new configuration via the + NEW button:

DOC2 Export Settings

Select ZUGFeRD in the following screen:



You will be directed to the following screen. Please enter the information according to the example below:

DOC2 ZUGFeRD Export Click on SAVE.

The export configuration is displayed in the overview. It can be edited or deleted as well as activated/deactivated via the action buttons:

In addition you need to enter your Company Information. You will find the menu in the settings overview.

When everything is set up correctly, a new download button will appear in the Dashboard after a document is finished:

Download ZUGFeRD

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