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List of Values

How to access List of Values in DOC²#

This feature allows you to create and store different lists or sets of related information that can be used to create a drop-down box on the validation screen.

In order to create a list, navigate to the DOC² Dashboard → Settings as shown below.

Document processing → List of Values

On this screen you have access to existing lists as well as the ability to create new lists

How to enable this feature for a field in a layout#

DOC² Dashboard → Settings

Global Settings → Document Types

Select the document type you wish to add the the list of values too and, once in the document type, select the field that should contain the list of values on the validation screen.

Once you have clicked on the field, the following menu will appear on the left of your screen.

At the bottom, select the appropriate list of values from the dropdown box that you wish to attach to the field and then save the changes.