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To manage your users follow these steps:

From the Dashboard navigate to SETTINGS:

In the settings navigate to Users:

Direct link:

How to add a user#

Once the admin is registered, you can add your employees by following these steps.

In the user menu click on ADD USER:

Enter the data of the user to be created:

  • If it is not an administration user, do not check the "ADMIN" box
  • The password must be created initially and sent to the user

As soon as the user is created it can be edited afterwards via the user overview (check/uncheck "ADMIN", edit, delete):

How to reset the password#

Go to the DOC² login page ( enter your email address and click on Forgot Password?

You will immediately receive an email with a link to reset the password. The link will navigate you to the following page where you can enter a new password:

As soon as the new password has been entered and confirmed, it can be used for login purposes.

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