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Order Confirmation

If the quantity of the ordered item(s) does not match the quantity on the invoice, you need to start the match with the received Order Confirmation.

Upload the Order Confirmation in DOC²#

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Here you will find the red symbol as the documents do not match, the quantity on the order confirmation does not match the quantity of the purchase order.

Access the matching overview by clicking on the matching symbol on the Dashboard.

This can also be done by choosing PO MATCHING in the lower right corner when you have opened the document.

The matches can now be corrected:

The “x” would delete the match on the delivery note.

A new match from the purchase order can be added to the delivery note by dragging and dropping the appropriate data row(s).

You need to confirm the mismatched properties.

Save to apply all changes.

Once everything is correct, the document can be validated and exported.