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Approve Before Export#

This feature can be accessed via Settings > Document Processing > Module.

To enable this feature for a document type, navigate to Settings > Groups, Users and Permissions > Groups and Permissions.

To use this feature, enable the slider below that you can find on this page.

From there you can use the table to create, edit and delete new groups and their permissions.

To edit the permissions select “View Permissions” and you will be taken to this screen, where you can check the boxes you wish to give permission too.

Here you can see that you enable the Approval features to your liking.


When you are ready to export a document and have selected an export option from the dropdown at the bottom of the document, as shown below

with the feature enabled, the documents status will go into “Pending Approval”.

The document is now waiting to be approved.

You can set the approver by using the assign button on the Dashboard and you can also set the e-mail notification for that person(s), accessible via Settings > Email Notification.

First Approval#

The assignee will receive an email with the link to approve the document, after pressing the link in the email they will be taken to this page for First Approval.

On this screen the approver can add comments and select who approved the document. When done, the approver can save and then approve the document.

Second Approval#

After first approval is completed, the document will go into the status of Pending Second Approval.

The same process occurs as in the first approval (the assignee will receive an email with a link) and they will be taken to the same screen for the second approval.

After the second approver has saved and approved the document, only then will the document be exported.