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Watchdog for macOS#

Download the file here:#

Folder configuration#

First configure the following folders:

  • Read folder → documents that are exported to DOC² are uploaded here.
  • Error folder → documents that ran into an error during the export are saved here.
  • Processed folder → successfully processed documents are stored here.

To configure these folders, you must select the Settings folder and press Browse for each folder

General configuration#

Next, configure general parameters:

  • Environment → where you want to export the documents, the following options are available here:
    • DOC² → here the watchdog exports the documents only to DOC²
    • INFOR OS → here the watchdog checks if there are export orders for Infor OS On-Premise issued by DOC² and then the document is exported to IDM.
  • API key → this key can be found under Integration settings of your DOC² account

There are two more specific parameters:

  • When exporting to Infor OS:
    • Document types → here you have the choice between three different document types