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If you want to import documents from a specific email folder, here are the steps you need to take:#

Your email folder could look like this.

Go to SETTINGS in the top bar and click on "Import".

As you can see, there is no email account setup for the import yet.

Click on the OFF button to open the Email import settings.

The boxes for E-Mail and Password as well as the API Key might get automatically filled in with your login information for DOC², depending on your browser settings. Please empty the fields before continuing to enter the needed information for the E-Mail Import.

What you need to do is enter the protocol (IMAP or POP3), the encryption (SSL or TSL), server-name, port, a username (e.g. "incoming invoices") as well as the email address and password from which the documents are going to be imported from.

This example is for a google email account:

Important due to changes made by Google

You now need to set up 2-Factor Authentication and create an App-Password which you have to use here to make sure that the E-Mail import will work.

After you have entered all required fields of your respective provider, save the data.

You can test the login by pressing the TEST LOGIN button. If all data is correct you will get the following feedback.

After you click the IMPORT button, the documents will be fetched from the mailbox and you will be taken directly to the Dashboard.

If you have made the right decision to also use our Workflow² APP, you will find the corresponding workflows here to automatically import your documents from your e-mail inbox to DOC².