Master Data Validation

DOC² offers, in the document validation overview, the possibility to match supplier data extracted from the document with the master data from your ERP system (precondition: your master data has been uploaded to DOC² and to assign the document to the correct supplier without any manual work in the best case.

There are currently two ways to do this.

Matching the extracted VAT number of the supplier:

The VAT number is extracted from the document using DOC²:

In the background, the VAT number is matched with the supplier master data which is provided by you to DOC² and the supplier ID including the corresponding supplier data like the name and address are determined automatically.

The user can manually intervene at any time and call up the supplier provided. This is done via the following button:

The following window is called up and displays the supplier data for the corresponding VAT number. Using the search field, any VAT number can be entered and thereby the supplier master, provided by you to DOC², can be searched. If the correct supplier is found, it can be selected and accepted.

Second possibility is finding the supplier via the supplier name:

Using the button in the supplier name field, the supplier master (which is provided by you to DOC²) can also be called up. In this case, the supplier name can be searched in the supplier master: