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After logging in with your credentials you are redirected to the DASHBOARD homepage of DOC².

This is the main page and overview where you can capture, work and manage your imported documents.

DOC2 Dashboard

The first upper bar is a very simple and easy reporting tool where you can filter by week, month, year or more.

Viewing Document by Status#

DOC2 View Document by Status

It shows you the total number of documents imported, including the number of documents that were automatically or manually processed. Furthermore, you can view the status of documents that are, for example: In progress, Pending, Pending Approval, Exported or Error. The main advantage of this reporting bar is that by just clicking one of these available boxes you can find the specific and filtered documents you are searching for.

As you can imagine the second part of the dashboard is the list/overview of all the uploaded documents. You can either see all of them or even just the ones that are assigned to you. And of course, you can also find it with the document name.

To start importing an invoice manually you simply click on the UPLOAD button and choose the document you want to upload.

You can also drop files anywhere on dashboard to upload them.

Meaningful data is going to be extracted within seconds and the status changes from running to Ready For Validation.

What you see now is the validation screen where you can check, edit, and validate all the imported documents.

From left to right you will see first the name of the document, then how many pages it consists of. The following information is the date when the document was imported and its status.

In the rightmost column you will see the Actions button. If you click on it, all available options will open: Assign, Restart, Validate and Delete.

DOC² Action Buttons

Details on UI to check, edit and validate extracted fields of uploaded documents you will find here.